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How To Handle The Emotional Weight Of Bankruptcy

How To Handle The Emotional Weight Of Bankruptcy

There is no material thing in this modern world that you can not associate with money. In the fast and developing cities and towns, money could mean achieving your goals or desperately failing to succeed in life.

How To Handle The Emotional Weight Of BankruptcyBankruptcy, in simple terms, means inability to pay debts. Car loans, bank loans, mortgages, and property taxes are some of the major source of debt pits for most Americans. According to debt.org, in 2005 alone more than 2 million cases were filed (and the number just keeps increasing each year).

It isn’t the lack of experience in handling finances or pointless spending that causes bankruptcy, it is the unexpected financial difficulty. Low income earners who lack the capacity to handle sudden major expenses such as high medical bills or costly extensive repairs often fall to this pit. 

Finding Applicable Ways To Manage The Emotional Toll

The shame one faces when filing a case doesn’t only affect one person, it’s the entire family that suffers the consequences. So instead of going to court for Chapter 7 or 11 Bankruptcy, homeowners would rather opt in downsizing their property than face the shame.

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However, if your case has been filed and already in progress, the greatest ordeal you have yet to face is the emotional toll this unfortunate situation will bring with it.

Acceptance Not Resentment

The key to surviving the emotional stress in dealing with bankruptcy is to accept the situation, see it for what it is, and don’t get stuck in distress. It can be likened to a child losing his favorite toy or a teen having her first heartbreak. The grief can be overwhelming, but if you learn to accept it, healing will come next.

When you start seeing the situation as a small bump on the road, you can focus more on finding better ways to resolve the situation which does not involve losing your property. It will keep your mind focused on the work that needs to be done.

Hold The Flame, Do Not Blame

Although you can not control the economic stability or factors outside of your scope, the elements that were in your possession and in your control must be accounted for. If the investment you made didn’t grow like you hoped it would, don’t pass the blame onto others when the investment lacked proper study on your end in the first place.

Again, bare no blame on the things you couldn’t control. However, use this opportunity to reassess your priorities and consider a change of lifestyle. You don’t necessarily need to change, just set your focus on the things you have control over and do it right next time.

Fundamental Emotional Support

You are never alone. When facing a massive financial problem, it helps when you have a solid support system. It could be a team of people you trust in your business, a group of friends whose expertise can offer great input in resolving your situation, or your family who knows you well and whose love and understanding will keep you at peace.

Surviving emotional toll is better handled together. When you know you are not alone, you are most likely to feel empowered to work harder.

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